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Welcome to MAAC Lucknow



Events At Maac

Participating in these events equips our students with invaluable training, knowledge, and skills, preparing them to step confidently into their professional careers upon course completion. These occasions serve as platforms for students to exhibit their creativity and highlight their abilities. Furthermore, MAAC students have the chance to engage with alumni and seasoned experts across animation, VFX, gaming, and media & entertainment sectors, enriching their learning experience.


COC-CLASH OF CREATIVITY is the Annual Animation Awards & Film Festival Presented by MAAC Lucknow & MAAC Kanpur & Powered by NOMES. COC is a Platform that prepares our Students for the AVGC Industry.


MIRROR- (A Students Artwork Exhibition) A 3 days Annual Exhibition is being organized by MAAC Lucknow & Powered by NOMES; this is the program which gives our students a platform in art and to boost their creativity. Students are making 3D Movies, 3D works, sketching arts, digital design, and handmade models with news-paper, raw papers, ice-cream sticks and many recycled items.


This is one of the most esteemed gatherings, where students, faculty, industry experts, and luminaries from India and beyond converge. Since its inception in 2003, this annual event has been a beacon of creativity and excellence. Over the years, it has evolved into a vital platform, propelling talent from both our institute and the wider animation industry onto the global stage.

100 Hour

100 hours - Creative Marathon is a filmmaking competition at MAAC where participants have to create a 20-25 seconds short 3D animated films and 1 Minute Mobile Films in a time span of 100 hours at a stretch. Participants work non-stop for 100 hours to finish their project.


The idea behind the NSM is to encourage all the MAAC students across the country to come together and participate in creative & technical seminars, workshops, panel discussions and of course, some fun activities.


MAAC Creative League (MCL) is one of the much-awaited events at MAAC that allows students to showcase their creativity to a great extent and get recognized for the same. Students across all MAAC centres participate in MCL

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