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Game Designing - Advanced Program in Interactive Game Design Plus (AR/VR)


Transform your passion into a profession with MAAC's Game Design course! Dive into the exciting world of game development and unleash your creativity across PCs, mobiles, laptops, consoles, and tablets.

Unlock the skills essential for a thriving career in the gaming industry as you master character creation, environment design, and crafting immersive gaming experiences.

game adventures that leave players in awe. Embark on your journey to create the next generation of interactive entertainment!


This is an extensive course that covers topics like game engine, casual games, and game asset creation. A career in game design is one of the most promising careers today. Advanced Program in Interactive Design & Games prepares you to build a career in the gaming indu...


APGDI is a comprehensive career course at MAAC that covers topics like Game Art and Game Design & Integration for all platforms of gaming. The course covers 2 main game engines - Unity & Unreal. By joining this game design course at MAAC, you will get to learn Game level designing and Game Asset Integration from the expert faculty.


PMGDI is a career course in game design that covers Game Art for all segments of Mobile Games. This is a 16 months game design course at MAAC that covers major topics of gaming like Game Art & Design Fundamentals, Game Art & Design Advanced, Game Engine, and Specialization in Mobile Gaming. If you are aspiring to enter the booming gaming industry as a successful professional, join this game design course at MAAC and learn from the mentors and industry experts. 


PID is a professional course that provides you end-to-end training in Dimensional Content for Augmented and Virtual Reality. The program at MAAC offers specialization modules for Augmented Reality covering Product app and AR Game creation. It also offers specialization modules for Virtual Reality covering immersive experience, app development and VR games.


This gaming course at MAAC is designed to transform you into a professional gaming artist, empowering you with the skills that can be used in the Media and Entertainment Industry and beyond. This course has been designed by our experts keeping in mind the changing trends of the gaming industry. The main focus areas of this course are Gaming, Metaverse, and 3D Design. 

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