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Graphics Design- Advanced Program in Digital Media & Design

Explore the Digital Design program at MAAC, where an array of courses await, offering you the chance to delve into diverse roles within national and international studios. Throughout your journey, you'll craft interactive content spanning movies, advertisements, commercials, video games, and television shows. Elevate your portfolio with this enriching course experience.


This program offers a 360 degree understanding of Print, 2D Animation, and responsive web design. Gain in-depth knowledge of the latest digital tools and techniques and gain the experience of working in a professional studio with top-notch industry experts. 


This is a comprehensive course that covers various aspects of Graphics, Web Design, and 2D Animation. The program ensures that by the time of course completion, you are well-versed with all aspects of web design and 2D Animation. 


This is a specialised course under the Digital Design program at MAAC that trains you in every aspect of digital media content creation.

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