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3D Animation - Advanced Program in 3D Animation Design


The 3D Animation courses at MAAC are designed as per the industry standards. The courses are also updated from time to time to stay on par with the changing trends of the industry. From pre-production to post-production, you will learn all the aspects of animation and filmmaking at MAAC. You will also be equipped with creative skills and build a strong foundation on technical know-how like software usage, computer literacy, and digital drawing.

AD3D Edge Plus

For those who consider 3D Animation your true calling, AD3D Edge Plus is the answer. The course covers all aspects of animation, like storyboarding, video editing, cinematography, and production. The course content and software taught are based on latest industry needs.


A perfect course for those of you who want to learn high-end 3D Animation filmmaking and make a promising career in animation. The course is aptly designed for beginners and for professionals who want to upgrade themselves from 2D animators to 3D animators.


This course delves deep into 2D and 3D animation and covers various aspects of animation like stages of production, cinematography, character animation, sound editing and filmmaking. Complete the course successfully and make a career in animation, lighting or rigging.

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