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3D Animation - Advanced Program in 3D Animation Design

Explore the boundless career prospects in animation, filmmaking, and graphic design with MAAC's premier 3D Animation courses. Unveil a world of exciting opportunities!

Advance VFX - Advanced Program in Visual Effects Film Making

MAAC's VFX courses are meticulously crafted to align with current industry trends and evolving demands, ensuring that you emerge as a proficient professional equipped to thrive in the dynamic world of VFX.

Game Designing - Advanced Program in Interactive Game Design Plus (AR/VR)

Learn game design and development at MAAC and explore various career opportunities that the exciting world of gaming has in store for you.

Graphics Design- Advanced Program in Digital Media & Design

Discover a vast sea of career possibilities in the dynamic fields of web design, graphic design, and print and publishing industries. Dive into the world of creativity with MAAC and unlock endless opportunities.

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